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Striped Bass on the Dock at Montauk, 1972

On the dock in Montauk, 1972

September 20, 1972
Striper approx. 35 pounds

This picture was taken on Wednesday right before I finally got some sleep after fishing since Monday night. We went to Duryeas Dock to clean this fish to take home. We caught 350 lbs that night. I was so tired, I could barely stand. I don’t know how I stayed awake like that. Usually we’d drive our van out to Montauk on Friday night. The tide would determine where we fished. We would fish through the night and if the kids would let me I’d sleep an hour or two during the day and then go back out Saturday night and do the same thing. So we would fish all night Friday and Saturday. Then we’d drive back to get home around 4 on Sunday. I’d go right to sleep and then be up at 5 am to go to work on Monday.  Man, that was some determination.

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