This all started so my friends and I could have the heavy-duty  gear we’ve always wanted.

In June 1963 I was fishing under the lighthouse and the largest striped bass I’ve ever seen got away because my gear broke. I was 22, didn’t know sh*t about saltwater fishing. First my reel broke. Then my rod broke. There’s more to that story, but I made sure to replace it all with heavy duty gear. In fact, here I am under the lighthouse in 2002 fishing with that very same rod 39 years later!

Under the lighthouse at Montauk, 2002

This rod and reel is from 1963. Under the lighthouse at Montauk, 2002


So, we’re well aware that quality counts.  Rockhopper provides the highest quality construction, materials and function.  Truly, it’s Really Tough Gear.  Check out our Lifetime Warranty.

When I started fishing in 1963 there weren’t even surf belts, I used my US Army pistol belt.  And let’s not even mention how many plastic buckles have broken on me!  It’s a great relief to me that I don’t need to even think about the stainless steel buckle breaking on my Rockhopper Surf Belt.

After years of dealing with chains and all kinds of rigs, I made the Really Tough Fish Stringer so my friends and I could have an compact, heavy duty stringer that is easy to use.

We needed a belt clip for an eel bag, water bottle or Boga Grip™ that didn’t flip to the side, so I came up with a way to make a super stable Rock-Solid Belt Clip.

How many times have you been annoyed with your rain top getting in the way while putting your pliers in their holster?  Years and countless fumbles later, the Quick-Draw Plier Holster was finally created.  Now, no more fumbling; it’s just smooth.

We like to keep things local and simple.  My wife, Rheba, ships the orders and helps me with emails.  My daughter, Jennifer, takes care of the website and Facebook stuff.  I do all the designing and sourcing.  It’s all made in New England and it’s all made to last.  Fifty years later I’m still fishing, but now I have the gear I always wanted.  If you see me out there, be sure to stop and say hello!

See you on the rocks,

Barry Kronberg
Owner and Chief Rockhopper