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Here’s a visual comparison of the Large Rock-Solid Belt Clip and the Regular Rock-Solid Belt Clip

The Large Rockhopper Rock-Solid Belt Clip has all kinds of uses. It’s just like the regular sized Rock-Solid Belt Clip, but 3 1/8 inch long.  It’ll keep your eel bag, water bottle, Boga Grip™ or other gear securely attached to your belt. Our harness clip is top notch quality and easier to use than a standard carabiner. The slide is a single piece of saltwater-grade stainless steel welded to fit perfectly on any 2 inch belt. No gap in the back means the clip (and your gear) is totally secure on your belt. Totally useful and definitely Really Tough Gear.

We now have an option for a thicker belt. For the same price, pick from a slide that fits on a belt up to 1/4″ thick or up to 3/8″ thick.

  • All metal parts are saltwater grade stainless steel
  • Clip is 3 1/8 ” long.
  • Tig welded
  • Wire gated 5/16″ harness clip is welded with SS rod in two places
  • Belt slide is 18 gauge SS, welded completely closed and wide enough for up to any 2″ belt.
  • Belt slide options to fit up to 1/4″ or up to 3/8″ thick belt.
  • Useful for your eel bag, water bottle or other gear.
  • Take gear off the clip with one hand!
  • Locally Made in New England
  • Lifetime Warranty

We’d like to thank Zeno from Surfcaster’s Journal for his awesome review of our belt clips.  Check it out!


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